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Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

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Social Media

We have prepared a platform where you can instantly reply to messages and comments from your social media accounts belonging to your brands.





Platform Features

Fast, Easy, Flexxiible, Unique

We have integrated it into Flexxii for you to respond immediately to comments and direct messages on your Facebook posts.

We have integrated the Call Center system and Whatsapp into our system to use your Customer Support and Accounting operations. We have enabled multiple representatives to make calls from only 1 Whatsapp account.

We have integrated it into Flexxii so that you can immediately respond to comments and direct messages on your Twitter account. You can see and reply the comments made to the # Hashtag you specified.

We asked you to send or receive Video Messages from your customers for better service.

We wanted address directions to be easier, we added location information sharing feature.

We added visual sharing as a module for Customer Service.

We have enabled you to send and receive files such as Excel, PDF, Word, Powerpoint from social media.


We have prepared a TimeLine so that you can instantly see all the messages and comments your Call Center answered on Social Media. We have enabled you to work as a media agency and manage social media better.

  • All Movements on One Screen
  • Instant Social Media Movements

Unique social media experience

By singularizing your customers coming from all social media channels, we have ensured that their communication with you is permanent. We developed the Call Center Social Media system so that you can satisfy them with instant communication and be connected to your brand. We have centralized all social networks for a unique social media experience.

All social media on one screen

We helped you receive and manage real-time notifications on all your social media accounts. We have developed the Call Center Social Media module so that you can manage channel management on the basis of representatives and manage their performances.

  • Answer templates
  • Performance tracking
  • History tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Tag cloud

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