About Flexxii

Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

16 High Holborn
London WC1V 6BX United Kingdom
+44 20 8616 7470
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Engage. Chat. Sell better.

Increase website conversion with chatbots, and grow revenue through real-time conversations. Turn traffic into growing revenue. Boost your sales and marketing with personalized interactions at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Key features

Target website visitors and automatically greet them with personalized messaging—our bots will chat, route, and schedule for you.

Customize every part of your team’s workflows, like routing conversations based on customer tier, or scheduling meetings based on account owner.

Segment your messages based on rich visitor data, and arm your sales team with the information they need to close more deals.

Automate your sales process with apps that work right out of the box, and keep your data in sync across your entire tech stack.


The shortest
path to a sale

Move visitors through your marketing and sales funnel faster. Reach out to customers at the right time, with perfect precision and context.

Smarter routing and lead qualification

Intelligent bots and routing rules let your teams focus on what they do best – so your website visitors get the greatest possible experience.


Connect with website visitors in real time

Shorten the time between intent and purchase by connecting with your website visitors in real time.

Integrate with your entire tech stack

Connect Intercom with tools like Salesforce, Suit CRM, Avaya, Zendesk, and more to sync data and automate workflows.