About Flexxii

Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

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London WC1V 6BX United Kingdom
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Live Support

Help your customers navigate your site smoothly and stay one step ahead of your competitors in sales and support.

Streamline uninterrupted customer experiences between your brand and your customers with Live Chat.

We have developed a live support module so that you can use Live Support as a permanent and continuous communication tool with real-time and asynchronous calls with our customers.


Platform Features

Fast, Easy, Flexxiible, Unique

With Flexxii, we enabled you to make live support calls with multiple customer representatives simultaneously.

We have developed a proactive message module for you to send promotional, survey and advertising messages to your customers whenever you want.

We have integrated other WhatsApp channels to help you continue the communication that started with Live Support through communication channels such as phone and e-mail.

Reply Faster

Everything that your customers are typing is visible to you before they send it over. You can search for an answer faster and respond in seconds.


Save time on repeated questions

Quickly save responses to common questions. Reuse them in conversations with just a few keystrokes.

Enter a hash sign and start typing. Suggestions will start showing right away.

Finding yourself writing the same thing over and over again? Save the response with one click.

Keep track of every conversation

Add tags to your chats to give them context. You’ll always know what your customers talk about and what problems they face.

Better reporting with tags

Filter reports using tags to compare numbers between different types of cases.


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