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Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

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Chat. Support. Connect.

Fast for your team, fast for customers. Easy-to-use software that makes it simpler to repeatedly offer good customer service.


Key features

No more choosing between an efficient team and great customer care. Our tools offer the power and flexibility you need to provide personalized, human support to more customers—in less time.

Empower your team to provide a positive, human support experience with our Business Messenger—much faster than phone or email.

Manage and reply to conversations, wherever they’re happening—through your website or product, or via email, social media, and more. Our much-loved Inbox is an easy-to-use, highly efficient way to offer more customers fast, personalized support.

Automatically route and prioritize conversations that need your attention with assignment rules, ticketing workflows, SLAs, and more.


Focus on

Back up human interactions with the right dose of automation and technology. Streamline your customer support and get more time to focus on customer experience.

The future of support is conversational

Give your customer satisfaction the boost it deserves with our industry-leading Business Messenger, and seamlessly provide human, self-serve, and proactive support.


Self-serve support: a smarter way to scale

It's simple to resolve 33% of repetitive questions instantly with tools like Resolution Bot—or to further empower customers to self-serve with contextual articles.

Make it easy for customers to serve themselves by sharing relevant help center articles through your website, mobile app, and product.

Let our Custom Bots get to work for you. They’ll collect valuable up-front information, help prioritize urgent issues, and connect customers to the right people on your team.

Resolve common customer issues—even when you’re away from your desk. Resolution Bot is simple to train and reduces repetitive questions by 33%.

Customize who engages with your articles and chatbots based on customer spending, business type, and more.

Proactive support: help—before it's needed

By addressing known issues proactively, you can provide customers with a delightful experience that keeps them coming back. We're here to help with tools like Product Tours, Mobile Carousels, and Outbound Messages.

Use targeted messages to suggest quick tips or keep customers informed about scheduled outages.

Take customers on an interactive tour of your product, point out what’s new, and guide them through known pain points.

Connect with mobile users at every touchpoint, and resolve common questions right in your app—before they ever reach your team.