About Flexxii

Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

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London WC1V 6BX United Kingdom
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 . Customer Engagement

Engage customers at an all-new level

Grow revenue with targeted outbound messages to increase adoption, onboard customers and drive action.


Key features

Engage customers throughout their journey with tours, and messages on your website and in your product.

Create multi-channel campaigns to engage customers, then optimize based on performance.

Easily segment, target, and personalize your messages using rich behavioral data and attributes.

Sync data across your tech stack and use apps in your messages to increase survey responses, newsletter registrants, and more.


Omnichannel Customer

Offer your customers a seamless and engaging experience across all communication channels. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by interacting with your customers in their preferred channel, preserving their interaction context as they move between channels.

Tailor-made messages, en masse

Segment customers and trigger outbound email, push, website or in-product content based on what they’re doing and where.


Stand out with Mobile Carousels

Create beautiful, customizable carousel screens to educate, engage, and support mobile app customers at every touchpoint.

Drive adoption with Product Tours

Guide customers through their first steps, highlight what's new, and give proactive guidance at scale.