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Flexxii is a brand of Mawens Business Solutions which generates digital transformation proejects on the customer relationship, customer experience, and customer engagement area.

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Call Center Platform

We have prepared a system where you can manage all call center processes from end to end. We have added many features such as IVR, Voice Recording, Quality Management, Predictive Dialer.


Platform Features

Fast, Easy, Flexxiible, Unique

With IVR, we made it possible for you to greet the callers with a voice and direct them to the people you designated. We made it easier for your customers to perform transactions such as debt inquiry and balance learning by typing.

We kept voice and correspondence records of the calls you made at the Call Center and made it easy for you to access and listen. By keeping the sound recordings in a compressed format, we have provided less occupation for you.

With Predictive Dialer and Preview Dialer automatic search modules, we have enabled you to increase the efficiency of your sales operations and reach thousands of customers faster.

We have prepared a script where Call Center Customer Representatives can manage their flows during the call, and we have enabled agents to manage calls with more controlled and predefined texts.

We have prepared an advanced call center wallboard where you will observe the whole operation. We enabled this call center wallboard to show the status of representatives as well as present their operational data in real time.

We have designed many reports such as Call Center production, operation reports, call reports, result code reports, communication channel reports, customer representative performance reports for you.

We have developed a system to enable you to manage many communication channels such as Live Support, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Telephone, Video Call from a single platform in your Contact Center, as well as singularization of your customers and reporting based on communication channels.

We have created a platform where you can constantly monitor CSAT, CES, NPS, FCR, FRT and all other metrics required for a unique customer experience under different conditions in different time frames and increase the quality of customer experience.

We have prepared an integrated notification management system to measure and evaluate your business processes related to the Customer Representative and compare the notification performance between departments in order to achieve the perfection that communication has started.

Quality Management

  • Dynamic Quality Forms
  • Correspondence and Evaluation of Voice Recordings
  • Calibration
  • Customer Representative Performance Analysis
  • Feedback Based Assessment
  • Instant Performance Tracking

We know that the performance evaluations of all representatives in your Call Center will increase the quality of your operation. For this reason, we developed an evaluation system in accordance with Instant, Dynamic, Easy and Basic Performance criteria.


Automatic Call

With the automatic search system, we have developed a flexible, manageable, and easy system to maximize agent performance and reach your customers faster. With modules such as Predictive Dialer and Preview Dialer, we have created a structure where you can manage call speeds yourself.


Our Call Center management software is equipped with an analysis and reporting system that allows you to monitor every aspect of your communication, make better decisions, and optimize your entire workforce to save money.


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